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Psychometric Training

Psysoft is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of psychometric test training accredited by the British Psychological Society. We work closely with the main test publishers, but remain independent so that we can recommend the best tests for your needs. Our psychometric training courses are run by engaging trainers who are all Chartered Occupational Psychologists who have taught Level A and B to thousands of HR professionals and independent practitioners.

BPS Level A

Level A

The BPS Level A course provides you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct psychometric tests fairly and effectively in your organisation.  It gives you access to all tests from the UK’s test publishers. More Details.

Level B

The BPS Level B course introduces you to the areas of personality theory, assessment and interpretation. Building upon the foundations of testing covered on the Level A course, it provides fascinating insights into personality, and its impact at work. More Details.


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Level A

Combined Level A and B - both Level A & B in just 4 days. Full Details.


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BPS Level A

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Level A

In-House Training

Group Training - we are happy to visit you to run the training on your site anywhere in the UK. This enables us to tailor the course to your needs, for example by modifying the course content, structure, length etc.

Individual Training - we run short one/one programmes enabling individuals to become qualified in Level A and B with a combination of distance learning pre-course work and short face-to-face sessions.

For further details of In-house courses, please click here.